VIRO™ is a superior-quality polyethylene-based fiber characterized by high flexibility and tensile strength.

The advantages of VIRO™ are:

The extrusion process creates a synthetic fiber which is completely colored throughout

VIRO does not contain PVC, it is 100% HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene)

smudge-proof and resistant to temperature variations.

UV stabilized HDPE for outdoor use and anti static/ anti dust permanently.

Is extremely durable, as evidenced by its UV and weather-resistance.

Environmentally-friendly (non-toxic & recyclable)


Rucord is a premium synthetic weaving material, suitable for all kinds of applications including outdoor and indoor furniture as well as garden and home accessories.

The advantages are:

UV resistant

High tensile strength


Environmentally friendly

Chemical resistant


Product Series

Made of Polypropylene Homopolymer and E-glass fiber. It is fiber reinforced polymer (FRP) composites. This new material system combines continuous E-Glass structural reinforcing fibers in either a polyethylene polypropylene or PET proprietary.

It has many performance benefits of ThermoPro include:

  • Significantly Improved Impact resistance in comparison to Thermosets
  • Improved Corrosion and Water Resistance (in many cases much better than isopolyesters and vinylesters)
  • Design Flexibility (fiber selection and fiber orientation to meet virtually any application requirement)
  • Easily Fabricated (dry, easy-to-cut, no VOCs, indefinite shelf life)
  • High Dielectric Strength (non-conductive)
  • Lighter Weight (automotive, aircraft and other weight sensitive applications)
  • Continuous 12.5″ or 25 ” (318mm/636 mm) wide tape form
  • Available in rolls up to 1000 lbs
  • X-Ply® 0o/90o Laminates up to 1000 lbs rolls
  • 100% Recyclable (no material waste)
  • Low Tooling Cost (low molding pressures)
  • Reduced Molding Cycles (higher productivity and lower cost)
  • Re-Formable (panels can be reconfigured multiple times)
  • No hazardous chemicals, VOC’s or solvents
  • “Green” Product Technology (important in sustainable engineering science)
  • Life-Cycle Cost Savings (increasingly important in industrial & civil engineering)

Outdoor Leather Upholstery

Capisco Vinyl

Stamskin® is the most revolutionary vinyl seating fabric, it has all the qualities required for intensive use: it is tear resistant, wear resistant, and will not distort even when repeatedly put under load. Easy to fit and care for.
It has many features such: Easy Care (just use a brush with soapy water), mould resistant, flame retardant (according with European fire standards), waterproof, optimum comfort.

Batyline® Ferarri

Batyline® is a composite fabric which is eco-designed and made of 100% recyclable for interior as well as exterior furniture. It has Précontraint® Ferrari® technology that ensures dimensional stability to fabrics. With an extensive range of colors and patterns, this material suits into many styles. Batyline Ferrari features exceptional tear strength, excellent UV radiation resistance, mould resistance, and remarkable robustness. It’s also give full safety guarantees due to Öko-Tex fabric Confidence label.

Fabric Material

Looking at today lifestyle, outdoor living has indeed become a lifestyle. We are more incline to enjoy the natural fresh air while listening to the beautiful sound of bird and admiring the nature.

Our company has been producing furniture with high quality fabric. Good fabric isn’t only beautiful to look at, but also determine the strength and safety to sit or to sleep upon it.

To support outdoor living and your convenience, we select special fabrics with good finishing, like water repellent, flame retardant, weather-resistance, and so on (see table below). The fabric also comes with various options of colors, pattern, and texture. All fabric is easy to clean and maintain.

So, choose your favorite fabric for your outdoor wicker furniture.